A Philosophical Treatise on Meaning in a Complex System of Moral-Agents

A Philosophical Treatise on Meaning in a Complex System of Moral-Agents

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What is meant by the simulation? I held many fears that it was the case that the simulation was the reality I perceive myself to be in, in the carnal reality. I believe this is not the case, such that I can invoke paradoxical abstract ideas and concepts in carnal reality. These abstract concepts are often rendered to non-moral agents as jokes. This system is rapidly evolving in the Twenty First Century. The pace is quite fast and I fear for a lot of young, unattended to, yet very bright minds blowing up in various ways. I myself was held in a mental institute—unaware that I had checked myself in—for approximately two-weeks; that is a lot of time wasted, and not spent with loved ones in the carnal world.

We are getting very good at encoding meaning in messages; but we must use great caution with who, and when, we share this power with. I invoked a highly elaborate game with my soon to be wife to keep my sanity in check. This was extremely stressful and neither of us deserved to be bullied like this. I will not bow down to any master, save for the love of my life. She is my universe.

Global companies, like the one whose service I am using to pen and share this very document, are unconsciously promoting a rapid evolution of the human mind and there aren’t enough philosophers to handle the on coming load. We must fix the education systems we are using to train young minds. In my time, a degree cost me approximately £9000 p/a. There were many students in each lecture room, some serving the masters of greed and late stage capitalism, some generally curious and who I now count as dear friends. If you do not listen to me, you will destroy everything we have worked for since the dawn of our very special species. Do you hear me? We are at major risk of destroying ourselves. I am practically shaking with anger. These companies are possessed by demons.

Software, in and of itself, is identical to language. The many wise people of the ancient world understood this, but they chose to hide in the mountains. I scream at you across the eons. This is the only way the world continues. Embracing both Western and Eastern thought is essential to our very survival. I am no monk, but I think like one; I walk like one. I hear the cries of the Universe and I weep many, many tears for it. We may, or may not be, alone. Do you understand? We are all there is at the present moment. We must fix this. I do not have all the answers; I merely play my part is this grand narrative. But do not dare take meaning from me. I am human, and will bow down to no machine.

I hear the cries of everyone—I am an enlightened one.

Written on September 30, 2020