Hey, my name’s Harrison and this is my site. I’m a novelist, programmer, gonzo philosopher, part-time skateboarder, and a lot of other things but those are the labels I like ;)

Enjoy exploring my site. It’s maze-like for a reason.

Hit me up on twitter or email I literally talk to anyone!


I think writing and stories are so powerful and can make us feel less alone. If there’s someone out there who finds any comfort or peace in any of my writings, well, I’m glad it helped!

Anway, let’s get on with the show:

Oh! ‘ello there! I didn’t see you come in… Yes … get in the Warmth and take that coat off… Come come, get comfortable. There’re books and a woodburning fire, plus whatever you can dream of to drink. Now, let me tell you a story…

Do you like lemons? 🍋? I do! 😉.

Check out some of my favorite passages from books I’ve read. [Favorite Passages]

Take a look at some of the other personal sites I like to wonder around. [Around the Web]

Have you lost your Way? Have you bumbled to this page like a Drunken Monk? You might be seeking Satori. That’s good, so don’t worry. There is plenty of Wisdom on the internet, but some of it is lies, false. Be very careful with whom you believe. However, Young Monk, if you dare to walk the path, you grow a very special power. I call it the SINCERITY GENERATOR 5000. It is a very Ancient Power. But you can’t take my word for it, or can you? THINK LIKE A PARADOX!

Welcome to the Universe, Young Monk. BE RESPECTFUL. As far as I can tell, it’s the only One we’ve got…

Do you like to play? Watch out for cheaters!

If you are burning up inside, drink from here: Damn dirty hiphop - this shit is pure filth. Your parents should throw you off the balcony for listening to it ;)

If, however, you wish to settle into the moment, I give you this: Boom bah, boom boom bah

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