Kensho Flew too Close to the Sun

‘Kensho!’ barked Satori. ‘What are you doing?’

Kensho opened one eye and peered at his friend. ‘Are you stupid?’

‘Your back isn’t straight, your palms are open and up, and I know you aren’t focusing on your breath because when you do I can hear it in your nostrils.’

Kensho shrugged. ‘I am lost in thought.’

‘That’s no good.’


‘Tell you what,’ Satori said, ‘shall we go for a walk? It is nice and cold out and we will have to walk quickly if we only wear our robes and not the thick coats.’

Close to Sun

Kensho unfolded his legs and stood up from his cushion. ‘Thank you.’

‘You can tell me all about these thoughts—I’ll help you get rid of them.’

Kensho could not find any words. He merely nodded. Grateful for being rescued.


artwork by the great and powerful Claudio Muñoz

Written on November 30, 2019