Writing Novels is a Lot Like Maintaining a Sponge 🧽

Imagine a sponge. It goes through these wet and dry cycles. If you let the sponge stay wet and never dry it, it becomes mouldy. If you never let the sponge get wet, it’s useless. Writing is all about cycling your inner sponge. It needs to get sopping wet, ready for you to squeeze (write) out everything you can. This squeezing (writing) is where the sponge becomes dry. You then stop squeezing (writing) and go about wetting the sponge again (living life) so it’s ready for the next squeeze.

Managing this Sponge Cycle is key for me in writing novels. When the sponge is dry you can put down the work. When it’s wet, it’s time to work. And when it’s mouldy, well, then you know you’ve been slacking.

So get squeezing! 🧽

Written on July 31, 2020